About Guided VR

About GVR

What Is Guided VR (GVR) For?
The influence of VR technology on our daily lives will constantly grow. So we asked ourselves how can we offer practical use cases for the fields of business and education?

With that in mind, we designed GVR, a VR presentation solution for businesses, institutions and agencies. For marketing, sales, project planning and education. Easy to use for everybody.

How Does GVR Work?
By wearing a VR headset, you will enter a virtual world that completely surrounds you. Guided VR offers fully interactive VR experiences in this world, assisted by a VR guide who controls all interactions via tablet or laptop and leads the VR clients through the VR tour.

GVR is a software solution, developed for GearVR and Samsung Galaxy Tablets. iOS and Windows devices are planned for the future.

Who Developed GVR?
eachTick is a software company from Cologne, Germany. We have several years of experience in developing individualised software solutions as well as 2D & 3D Design. And we are VR enthusiasts. Our goal with GVR is to help spreading VR as a new dimension for doing business, learning and communicating.

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GVR features

Feature: For Everybody
Offer VR For Everybody

The VR clients need no previous knowledge, since the whole experience is fully guided. In that way everybody can directly enjoy a guided VR tour.

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Feature: Easy Handling
Easy Handling For VR Guides

The VR guide controls the whole VR tour comfortably via tablet. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, everybody can become a VR guide after a short training period (Control via other devices possible, e.g. PC).

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Feature: Focused
VR Clients Can Stay Focused, VR Guides Have Full Control

VR clients have their hands free, so they can concentrate on the VR tour. The VR guide can always see and control the VR client’s view by setting points of interest and make drawings on the tablet, updated live into the VR World.

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Feature: Groups
Shared VR Tours For Groups

GVR offers VR tours for groups, controlled by just one VR guide. Whether for students or customers, enjoy a whole new way of group presentation.

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Feature: Mobile
Always mobile with GVR

The GVR set is small and set up quickly – no need for cables, special rooms, additional computers or WiFi. So you can use GVR not just in your office, but wherever you want: a show room, a fair booth or during a meeting at your customer’s office.

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Feature: Show Effect
Use The Show Effect

Show the VR client’s view live on big screens to make the tour available to a big audience – ideal as fair booth attraction or for larger meetings.

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Fields of Application

Fields of Application: Basics

What can you present with GVR?
Make customers love their new car before it exists and customize it to their needs.

Let clients enter their new home in VR. Save time by showing them various apartments without leaving your office.

Give your customers a touch of their future holiday. Show them hotel rooms, sights and more to convince them.

Present your projects (e.g. a robotic manufacture) already in early planning stages or educate clients on complex topics like complex machinery.

We can create all kinds of GVR scenarios, your imagination is the limit.

Check out our GVR example scenarios below and get inspired. All of these scenarios can be experienced during a GVR live presentation. Contact us to learn more!


Scenarios: Fair Booth

Virtual Fair Booth
Take a walk through this fair booth and customise it.

Scenarios: Car

Car Configurator
Customise this car to your needs and take a ride.

Scenarios: Robot

Robotic Manufacturing E-Learning
Learn about the process of robotic manufacturing.

Scenarios: Yacht

Yacht Configurator
Visit your new yacht, change the furniture and the colors.

Scenarios: Architecture

Architecture Walkthrough
Take a tour through a design concept for a house.

Scenarios: Bathroom

Bathroom Concept
Experience a designer bathroom concept.

Scenarios: Apartment 360

360° Real Estate Presentation
A walkthrough for an apartment featuring 360° photos and videos.

Scenarios: Kitchen

Kitchen Configurator
Experience this kitchen concept and customise its' look and feel.

Scenarios: Paper Display

Display Configurator
Set up a corrugated display, change the printings and preview it in a store.

Scenarios: Facility Visualisation

Facility & Factory Visualisation
Pre-visualize complex machinery and whole factories.

Scenarios: Meeting Room

Virtual Meeting Room
Let GVR users meet in our virtual meeting room.
Cevotec Robotic

Scenarios: Cevotec

Visualisation of Samba: a fiber patch placement solution for Cevotec.



Planned Features
We are continuously working on additional features to increase the possibilities of GVR, for example online VR tours where a VR guide can connect to VR clients from anywhere in the world, as well as a feature to record and playback VR tours and much more.

We also offer the developments of customised features for GVR. Just like that, GVR can be fit perfectly to the needs of our customers.

Beyond GVR: Development Of Individual VR Apps
On top, we offer the development of fully individualised VR apps created for unique customer purposes.


GVR Live Shows & Fairs

March 1st-3rd 2017: SAMSUNG ROADSHOW 2017, XPost, Cologne
March 20th-24th 2017: CeBIT 2017, Hall11 B62/2

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